Bringing forums to the 21st century

We took the best from oldschool forums and married it with modern communication apps. Here are some of the most important features.


Channels help you organizing your discussions by topic, department, interest etc. Channels can be public or private, so not everybody can enter.


Threads are where the conversations happen, just like you know from oldschool forums. Threads can have public and sharable URLs too.


@Mention somebody to notify them about a discussion you want their eyes on and they will get a notification right away.

Follow-ups ✨

Mark discussions as follow-ups to remember important threads you want to come back to. The whole community can see that you will follow up.


Every member has their own profile and activity stream and can set a status to let the rest of the community know what they're up to.


A powerful search through all of your channels, threads, attachments, etc. let's you find everything quickly without wasting time.

Pinned Threads

Pin important threads to the top of a channel. Perfect for community-wide announcements or generally important info.

Share outside ✨

Even in a private community: get a shareable URL for any thread and let outside people participate through it, without the need to create an account.


Add widgets to enable polls, permanently show important links and more, right on the home-screen.

Import your existing content and users

Already have a forum for your community? Bring them over!
Switching forum software can be quite stressful, which is why we offer an importer that let's you bring over all your existing content into Playgroup without any hassle. All your existing users will be whitelisted and can simply sign up again, while all their content is still mapped to their account. Nothing is lost in the process. (Currently only for Discourse)

Keep things organized, even with thousands of threads

Even the old forums let you organize threads by topics, which was needed once your forum grew to a certain size. We adapted this pattern and let you organize threads into channels that ideally have a distinct purpose, such as #introductions. Your channels can be public or private, so not every member can see them. Inside your channels every conversation happens in a separate thread. Threads can be made public, so you can share them outside your community — even if your community is private!

Extend your forum's reach with integrations

Your community doesn't have to live 'just in a forum'. Playgroup integrates with other tools easily, so you can connect it with other places your members are already hanging out. Many commnunities these days use real-time chat applications like Slack or Discord. We're already integrating with Slack and a Discord and Telegram integration are on their way.