How to set up a Telegram bot
for your integration

Setting up a Telegram integration requires a tad more work. Here's how you do it!

Creating your new bot — Talking to the BotFather

The ultimate goal is to get a Bot token, which we will use to connect Playgroup to our newly connected bot. First of all you need to create a new bot in Telegram. To do that you can just message the "BotFather" — Yes that's his name. Just send a message to "BotFather" containing the content /start

The BotFather will answer you and provide you with a list of possible commands to continue.

Talking to the Telegram BotFather

Name your bot

After starting the conversation, we want to create a new bot. In order to do that, type /newbot and wait for the answer. You're then prompted to give your new bot a name and username. You can choose whatever name you'd like your bot to have and if it's already taken the BotFather will let you know.

Done — Set up the integration

The BotFather will then let you know that the bot has been created successfully and provide you with a token. That's the token we've been looking for and which needs to be entered when setting up your Telegram integration inside Playgroup. Make sure to keep your token private.

Next invite your new bot user into a channel or group of your choice and make it an admin, so it can send messages. Make sure there is already a conversation going on, in order to be able to connect the bot properly.

The bot cannot be connected?

It sometimes happens (especially with new channels / groups) that the connection between Playgroup and the bot cannot be established. In most cases it is enough to re-add the bot to the group and write one or two messages, so the chat is not empty.

Further help

There is also an official documentation for Telegram, outlining how to set up a bot in more detail.

→ Telegram Documentation